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Finding Ecological ways of making art

haapsalu and porvoo art schools cooperation

Haapsalu and Porvoo Art Schools arranged a collective art camp with the theme: “Finding ecological ways of making art”


In total 20 students participated, aged between 12 and 18 years old.

The first part of the camp took place in Haapsalu, Estonia 7.–11.8.2023 and the second part in Porvoo, Finland 19.–23.10.2023.

The underlying aim was to create art in environmentally friendly ways, experimenting in different workshops instructed by art teachers from both schools.

An equally important factor was to make art collectively by working together in groups around the theme.


The Haapsalu-Porvoo Art Schools cooperation project was largely financed by the Nordplus Junior -grant.


Ten ways for art schools to be more environmentally friendly (based on the students ideas)

1. Recycling and reusing material

2. Repairing and maintaining equipment

3. Managing waste responsibly

4. Sorting materials

5. Repurposing objects as new materials

6. Making immaterial art that lasts only a moment – focusing on the process

7. Using environmentally friendly chemicals and methods

8. Reducing digital waste

9. Using natural equipment and materials

10. Sharing knowledge with others

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